South East Scotland Area Meeting

Ten local groups of varying sizes meet for regular sessions of Quaker worship within South East Scotland. They also work together as an Area Meeting, responsible for Quaker witness in the area and for the general support of members of the Quaker communities, whether they are in formal membership of the Society of Friends or not. Two meeting houses (in Kelso and in the centre of Edinburgh) act as focal points not only for Quakers but for the wider community, their rooms and facilities being made available for community groups. Both worship and work are overseen by the whole community of Friends through Area Meetings for Church Affairs, at which the process of decision-making is guided by the Spirit.


Alastair Cameron (clerk)
c/o The Quaker Meeting House,
7 Victoria Terrace,
Edinburgh EH12JL.

Email: sescotlandam [at]

Scottish charity number: SC019165



Quakers Talk Rubbish
Thursday, 8 April 2021

Here’s a quiz to start:

a.What percentage of UK overall waste comes from households?

b.What percentage of that gets recycled?

Building one's own eco-home
Thursday, 8 April 2021

Kate Atchley, an attender at Kelso meeting, has  built her own eco-house. She loves it, but it  was not all plain sailing …! 

Green Light: Food
Saturday, 26 September 2020

Welcome! This is the first of a new series about what we and others can do, and are doing, about the climate emergency.

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