Data privacy notice

This privacy notice applies to visitors to this website. There is a separate privacy notice for Members and Attenders in Quaker Meetings in Scotland. There is also a privacy notice for employees which is available from the person to whom the employee reports.


This website does not require or enable you to enter any personal information (except for authorised administrators and editors when logging in).

Log files

In common with most websites, this one will detect your IP address and some other details such as the type of browser you are using. This enables us to present pages in a suitable form for your device. We also log which pages you visit for statistical purposes, but will not gather any information that would identify you personally.


Cookies are small text files stored on your computer, and accessible only to the websites which create them. We use cookies to

  1. record whether your browser has javascript enabled, which allows the web server to present pages appropriately
  2. temporarily record when authorised administrators or editors have logged in.

We do not use cookies to gather information or to track your browsing outside this website. We do not use Google analytics.

The log files described above may be accessed by the company which hosts the website for us. We have arrangements with them which ensures the security of this information.

If you have any queries about data privacy on this website, contact the General Meeting Administrator (see 'Contact us').