West Scotland Area Meeting

West Scotland Area Meeting (previously West of Scotland Monthly Meeting) includes members of all the local meetings listed on the right. Click on the names for details of local meetings which hold meetings for worship, usually on Sundays. Area meetings are primarily business meetings for the administration of Quaker affairs. There is more information about Quaker meetings in Scotland on the General Meeting page.

Area meetings in 2020

Monday 7th December by telephone/video

Area meetings in 2021

Saturday 16th January  by telephone/video

Monday 8th  March by telephone/video

Saturday 10th April at Castle Douglas (?)

Monday 7th June by telephone/video

Saturday 21st August  Blended Meeting/Video Conference at Stair Community Centre, Trabboch, Mauchline KA5 5HT

Saturday 9th October in Ayrshire

Monday 6th December by telephone/video

Area meetings in 2022

Saturday 15th January in Glasgow 

All non-telephone meetings start at 11.30am and finish at about 4.00pm.  These meetings will be held by Zoom if necessary because of Covid restrictions.

Soup is usually provided for lunch but bring your own sandwiches.
For details of the precise location, please contact the AM Clerk shortly before the meeting or read the final page of the most recent Newsletter.

Telephone meetings start at 7pm and finish about 9pm.


If you would like to contribute to the Area Meeting and/or to Britain Yearly Meeting and/or one of the West Scotland local meetings, you may do it using a contribution schedule in the Documents section.

West Scotland Area Meeting is seeking registration as a Fairtrade organisation.

This page is edited by Ruth Bacon- please contact her at ruth.bacon27 [at] gmail.com with any questions or suggestions for this page.

West Scotland Area Meeting is Scottish Charity No. SC011234.

Minutes of our Trustees Meetings (except confidential items) can be obtained from clerkwsamtrustees [at] gmail.com


Green Light: Land and Diversity
Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Welcome! This is the second of a new series about what we and others can do, and are doing, about the climate emergency.