Stitches for survival

Thursday, 9 September 2021

Stitches for survival

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Mass-craftivism to put the Earth centre-stage at COP26: Act now together

The climate and ecological crisis has left Earth in dire need of care –soft blankets to comfort and nurture, beautiful stiches to celebrate nature.

Stiches For Survival is a group of knitters, crocheters, stitchers and crafters from across the UK and beyond with a heart-felt plea to the COP26 climate talks to be held in Glasgow 1-12 November 2021:

It is time to put the Earth – the basis for our very survival – and not money, centre stage at the talks. This is the time to take bold and binding action to stop the devastating climate havoc and ecological breakdown that is evident across the world.This last year has shown how radically our lives can change overnight when the political will is there and people take responsibility.

What are we doing?

We are knitting, crocheting, stitching and crafting 1.5 miles of climate messages for the negotiators to remind them of the urgent need to take bold action together on climate change, and the support they have in doing so.

The length of the scarf represents the 1.5C target in the Paris Agreement.

During the conference we will display the ‘scarf’ near the SECC conference centre where the talks are taking place.

How can you take part?

Knit, crochet, stitch or craft a 60x100cm green or blue section of scarf for the earth to:

  • Support bold and binding actions on climate change
  • Tell world leaders they must act now together
  • Create a colourful protest that can be recycled into warm blankets for refugees

For the latest on knit-ins, how to make your bit of the scarf, where to send it and pictures of how we are getting on:

Look for #Stitches4Survival on social media

Join the Stitches4Survival FB group and follow/like our page


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