Wreath-laying by children of Inverness Quaker Meeting

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Wreath laying by children of Inverness LM

Inverness Quakers lay a wreath of red and white poppies every year at the Cavell Memorial in Inverness. For the past two years the children have laid the wreath on the memorial.  We have to remove the wreath a day before Remembrance Sunday. However talks are underway for it to remain there during the remembrance.

The inscription reads:

Friends, we come together today to lay this wreath to remember all those all over the world who have died in war or because of war, the tortured, the innocent, the starving and the exiled, the imprisoned, the oppressed and the disappeared.

We pray that we, men, women and children may become true makers of peace.

May we see the people of the world as our brothers and sisters, as  one community.

May all injustice, violence and oppression give way to fairness, gentleness and compassion as we pray for the day when war is abolished as a way of resolving conflict.

Inscription by Oriole Hall and photo by Sila Collins-Walden, both of Inverness Quaker Meeting.

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