All age worship - 3 May 2020

Saturday, 16 May 2020

Inner light and the tesimonies

Inner light and the tesimonies

When we engage with the brokenness of the world, one of our tools can be our willingness to listen: to the vulnerable, to each other, to those with whom we disagree, and to the leadings of the Holy Spirit. This will enable us to work alongside others powerfully, telling the truth of what is wrong in the world. Sometimes listening will lead us to stillness, at other times to practical action. In all things the Spirit will direct us.

From the Epistle of Yearly Meeting 2017

In these troubled times it is hard not being able to be with each other and touch each other so coming together for meeting for worship is very important. It is also important for us to remind ourselves of our Quaker beliefs and in particular our Quaker testimonies. Even more just now they are a guide to who we are and how we live our lives. At All-age Meeting for Worship on 3 May we thought about this in relation to the life and teachings of Jesus.

Living the ways of the Spirit

This is a Faith and Play story based on the Godly Play way of telling a story. As the story was told in Meeting for Worship, the picture above was built up, bit by bit.

The story is about the Testimonies including Simplicity, Integrity, Peace, Equality and Community. It tells the story focusing on the life and work of Jesus. It tells how Jesus led a simple life, the inner spirit being the most important possession. It talks about how integrity was important to Jesus - how he loved people for who they were and in return they trusted him. He taught people about Peace and not fighting back. He demonstrated equality by caring for and welcoming people of all sizes colour and race, wherever they came from. He accepted and showed love to everyone, even when people did things that were wrong. He welcomed all people as if they were family and this is community. All this was because he valued the spirit within him and recognised the power and importance of God's love.

The pictures below show the responses of those in Meeting for Worship to the story.

AAW 2020-05-03 image2










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