Talk: A Divided Britain: What can we learn from the Nordics?

Viking Economics:  Book Tour
Saturday, 7 October 2017 - 4:00pm
The Subud Centre

Taking an entertaining look at the Nordic welfare state, showing us that we too can have a more equal and just economic system, American author and Quaker activist George Lakey will talk about his new book Viking Economics: How the Scandinavians got it right and how we can too.

Viking Economics” helps us envision a different way of organising our economy to put people and the planet first. “It tells a story of economic change and the foundations on which it was built at a time when it is so obvious that such narratives are so desperately needed in modern political discourse… if he is right, then the story he imparts has to be told, understood and acted upon.” Times Higher Education Magazine

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The Subud Centre
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