What can I do for COP26?

Volunteer Wardens at Glasgow Meeting House

We will be looking for volunteers to act as wardens in the Meeting House during the COP. They will be responsible for the safety and comfort of visitors to the Meeting House, as well as answering questions etc. You will need to be available for training before the COP and so should live with reasonable travelling distance. Apply here as soon as possible. 

Accommodation at COP26

If you live in Central Scotland and are willing to offer accommodation to delegates or visitors, we suggest you do it through a new online non-profit accommodation platform Human Hotel., specifically configured for COP26, where you can list your sofa or spare room, and then be matched with a guest who needs a place to stay.

To become a host, visit humanhotel.com/cop26/ . You will need about 15 minutes, some nice photos of your spare room and your bank details. We have developed a simple guide to using the Human Hotel platform, available here

Visitors will also be able to use the platform to book rooms.

Supporting delegates for Developing Countries

One of our core priorities is to get Global South voices represented at the COP. But people from Global South countries and communities often struggle to get past the visa application system, apart from the travel costs. The COP26 Coalition has launched a crowd sourcing fund to pay for a lawyer to help them through the visa system so they can get to COP. 

Planning Quaker Activities in the Meeting House

We are looking for Friends to join a group which is planning Quaker activities in the Meeting House during COP26, as well as supporting the Hub Group. If you have any ideas or would like to help with planning these activities, contact COP26 [at] glasgowquakers.org.uk.