What are Quakers doing?


An appliqued panel with a sandtimer in the centre, beads trickling through the sandtimer. In embroidered letters above the time it says "No Time To Lose". To the left of the time it says "fire, disease, water". To the right "air, radiation, earth",
Appliqued panel, created by Quakers working with the Loving Earth Project.
What are the Quakers doing for COP26?

For practical opportunities to get involved, please go to What Can I Do For COP26  or go to Quaker Peace and Social Witnesses' Countdown to COP26 | Quakers in Britain.

Quakers across Scotland are preparing to make their voices heard. Some are working through partner organisations that are not run by the Quakers. Some are planning personal actions in response to COP26. Many are contributing to work planned by the COP26 Hub.

COP 26 Hub

Glasgow is part of West Scotland Area Meeting. As the ‘host’ Area Meeting, Glasgow is coordinating the activities of Quakers in Scotland and has formed a ‘Hub Group’. This consists of local Quakers, as well as employees of Britain Yearly Meeting (the main organisation of Quakers in Britain), Friends World Committee for Consultation (connecting Quaker communities across the world) and the Quaker United Nations Office (providing advocacy for Quakers at the United Nations).

Quakers in Scotland decided that we would focus on four areas where we felt we could make a unique contribution.

If you want to support any of these aims then please go to “How Can I Get Involved” to find out more.

  1. Providing Glasgow Meeting House as a resource for Quakers and other groups. The programme for the events occurring in the Meeting House is available [here]. If you are interested in booking a room in the Meeting House please contact cop26 [at] quakerscotland.org. or complete this form - https://forms.gle/jBFVw9sJ47eHtiTt8
  2. Providing accommodation for visiting Friends and others. Please go to www.humanhotel.com/cop26/ to book a room.
  3. Support for delegates from the Global South. We want to support delegates from the Global South who don’t have adequate resources for visa applications and travel and whose voices need to be heard. To apply for support please go to https://cop26coalition.org/coming-to-cop26/visa-support-service/
  4. Disseminating information about COP26 to Quakers in Scotland. If you have information you would like disseminated, please email zoep [at] quaker.org.uk.

For further information about Quaker activities or ways you can help go to How Can I Get Involved or contact cop26 [at] quakerscotland.org.