Hub Group

The West of Scotland Area Meeting COP26 Hub Group has been set up to act as a communications hub and liaison group to facilitate Quaker action before, during and after COP26. It links General Meeting for Scotland, West Scotland Area Meeting, other Scottish Area Meetings, Britain Yearly Meeting, Quaker United Nations Office, Friends World Committee for Consultation and other relevant Quaker bodies and ecumenical, interfaith and other bodies and groups.

Membership includes:

  • Martin Mansell (Convenor), General Meeting Parliamentary Engagement Working Group.

  • Peter Christy, WSAM Assistant Clerk,

  • Bronwen Currie, WSAM Treasurer,

  • Mary Alice Mansell WSAM Trustee,

  • Janey Andrews, Glasgow Local Meeting,

  • Jenny Brook, WSAM Dumfries Local Meeting

  • Ed Tyler, WSAM Argyll Local Meeting

  • Olivia Hanks, QPSW Programme Manager - Economics and Sustainability, Project Development and Programmes

  • Lindsey Fielder Cook, QUNO

  • Susanna Mattingly, Sustainability Communications Manager FWCC

The Hub Group focusses on action by Quakers in Scotland and liaises with Friends House who coordinate Quaker activities at a national and international level.

Email contact for the hub group: cop26 [at]