COP26 Coalition

Quakers are represented on the two main coalitions of groups working on preparation for COP26.

SCCS Coalition (

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is a diverse coalition of over 50 civil society organisations in Scotland campaigning together on climate change.

The SCCS Coalition has close links with The UK Climate Coalition based in England and work with them on cross-border issues when appropriate. But Scotland faces many challenges relating to climate change that are quite different from England and Wales. Much that affects climate change emissions and adaptation is devolved from Westminster to Holyrood, for example housing, transport, energy and education. The cultural, educational, legal, social and geographical context is different and Scotland’s renewable energy potential is considerable.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) operates through working groups, which are made up of people representing member organisations. These working groups plan and deliver the campaign activities.

There are three working groups in the SCCS Coalition:

  • International

  • Policy and Advocacy

  • Public Campaigns

Quakers are represented on these groups. For more information contact Kat Jones at kat [at]

UK Coalition

The UK Coalition represents over 100 organisations across the UK, including the Women's Institute, Oxfam, the National Trust, and the RSPB and has links with the UK Government. The following Working Groups currently take forward the plans of the Coalition:

  • Communications WG: This is in charge of communicating key information and messages from the Coalition. The Working Group manages the Coalition’s social media channels and produces a fortnightly newsletter, The Rising Clyde. It also manages the Coalition’s traditional media work, including maintaining a spokesperson network.
  • Culture WG: coordinates artistic and creative work within the Coalition.
  • Fundraising WG: composed of fundraisers from members of the Coalition who work together to secure the funds necessary to the work of the Coalition and manage a budget.
  • Glasgow Local WG: provides space for local movements and groups based in Glasgow to organise and build power ahead of and during COP26.
  • Global Solidarity WG: liaises with organisations and movements from around the world to inform the work of the Coalition, as well as to support these movements – especially in the Global South – to maximise their participation at COP26. The Working Group holds regular International Assemblies for this purpose.
  • Logistics WG: mostly composed of and works closely with Scottish groups to manage venue booking, accommodation, and visa support. The Working Group seeks to support Global South participation at COP26 in particular.
  • Mobilisations WG: coordinates a variety plans for climate justice movements to mobilise in the run up to and during COP26.
  • Political Strategy WG: is in charge of coordinating the Coalition’s demands and strategy relevant both to the “inside” policy arena and to the broader politics “outside” the negotiations.

The Coalition has also formed or is in the process of forming several caucuses, including a Trade Union caucus, Youth caucus, and People of Colour caucus.

For more information contact cop26coalitionuk [at]