Quakers at the Edinburgh Fringe

Monday, 6 August 2018 - 11:00am to Monday, 27 August 2018 - 8:30pm
Edinburgh Quaker Meeting House

During the Edinburgh Fringe, the Edinburgh Quaker Meeting House becomes Venue 40. Our venue is in the heart of the historic city centre, and our events run throughout the Fringe.

Our theatre space hosts drama, music, discussion and graphic art both serious and comic. Historical, political, social, personal issues are addressed. Our values of equality, peace, integrity and simplicity influence our theatre programme selection and the way we run the venue.

As well as the theatre space, between 13th and 18th August from 2pm to 5pm, our Quaker Art Group will visitors to find out about the "Collateral Damage" nationwide project commemorating noncombatent victims of conflict. Visitors can join in and make a poppy which they may choose to keep, gift to a friend or add to our display, as it grows through the course of the week.

The popular "Eating House at the Meeting House" also returns for a second year.

For more details see the Venue 40 website and Venue 40 on Twitter.

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Edinburgh Quaker Meeting House